Refused asylum, but not forgotten


Refugees who have been refused asylum and can not stay in the Netherlands – this is a group of people who are often invisible. The Vluchtelingen in de Knel (Refugees in Difficulty) Foundation organised a dinner especially for that group, and for the residents of Eindhoven. The aim was to get to know each other better.

And it worked. Besides the culinary specialities from all corners of the globe that were shared, there was also room for stories. Like that of Fredon, who tells about his trip to the Netherlands. About how he was packed with others, first in a car and later on a boat. That he thought he was dying when the dinghy in which he made the crossing from Turkey to Greece leaked but they were saved just in time by the police.

The stories are violent, but it is also a relief to be able to tell them. Fredon says: “You have a lot of problems in your heart. But if you tell them to others, you have then quietened them.’


Translator: Chaitali Sengupta

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