Philips to cut dozens of jobs in Brainport region

Philips Photo credit Studio040 Alain Heeren

Philips will cut 4,000 jobs worldwide. The technology company, originally from Eindhoven, announced this on Monday morning. There are also forced redundancies in the Eindhoven region.

The reason for the measures is the disappointing figures of the medical technology group, the company reports in a press statement. Turnover has been declining for several quarters in a row. In the past three months sales fell by five per cent.

The company says it is suffering from inflation, supply problems, the strict corona measures in China and the war in Ukraine. Philips is also still struggling with the consequences of the apnea machine recall.

The Netherlands

According to spokesperson Tommie Dijstelbloem, the reorganisation means that 800 jobs will be lost in the Netherlands. Half will disappear through natural attrition, such as temporary contracts that are not renewed and vacancies that are scrapped. At least 400 employees are being made redundant.

In the Brainport region this would involve dozens of employees. Philips is active in the region at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and the Health Campus in Best. Dijstelbloem: “The research branch and production will not be directly affected. We will, however, cut support services, the office functions. This will also affect the Eindhoven region, where a large part of the Dutch Philips staff is still active. Which jobs in the region will be affected and which departments, that will be clarified in mid-December.”


“This is difficult, but necessary”, says the new Philips CEO Roy Jakobs about the reorganisation. “We don’t do this lightly, but with respect for the colleagues involved.” For employees who lose their job, there will be a social plan to guide them to other work.

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Translator: Martijn

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