Tobacco shops busier than ever after supermarket ban

Tobacco shops busier than ever after a ban on sales in supermarkets
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Since the ban on the sale of tobacco products in supermarkets came into effect on 1 July, tobacco shops in and around Eindhoven have experienced a significant increase in the number of customers. This means more sales are made to meet consumer demand.

Dillen Sigarenspeciaalzaak (cigar specialty store) in Veldhoven, active for more than 50 years, notices a clear difference in customers. “We have many new customers and are therefore purchasing more from the wholesale”, Paul Dillen says. In addition to selling tobacco, he also sells more lottery tickets.

Dillen is not concerned about the future of his business: “The government wants a smoke-free generation by 2040, but there are already many alternatives such as Iqos and Go”, he refers to two vape brands.

The owner of Dreverman tobacco shop in Mierlo notices little difference in sales. “Not much has changed so far, but the ban at supermarkets only came into effect on 1 July. To be on the safe side, I have bought more if it gets busier”. She expects her business to continue for a long time. “As long as the law allows it, I will continue to sell”.


Smaller brands and cartons are also now selling better at tobacconists. “People often don’t want to drive back because cigarettes are not for sale everywhere. That’s why they buy cartons more often”, an employee of Tabakado in Eindhoven says. The store also purchases more and expects more new customers.

Open on Sunday

Finally, tobacco shop Renata in Eindhoven has noticed a doubling in sales. “Since January, sales have almost doubled. I now have to do double shopping”, Renata’s owner says.  Consumers also have expectations: “Sometimes customers show up at our door on Sundays, but then we are closed. We are now considering opening on Sundays as well”, the owner says.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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