Eindhoven Museum is looking for museum pieces

Representative image of museum exposition Picture Credit: Pixabay

Workwear from Campina or clock cards from Dela? Eindhoven Museum calls on residents to contribute objects from Eindhoven cooperatives to the depot. The museum would like to include the most beautiful objects in its collection.


“We distinguish ourselves from other cities by the number of cooperatives established here. This shows that our region already has a long history of smart collaboration that continues to influence our culture till this day, such as in Brainport association today”, says Ward Rennen, director of Eindhoven Museum.


In the early twentieth century, several important companies were founded in the city, including Campina, Dela and the Coöperatieve Centrale Boerenleenbank, which later became the Rabobank. These cooperatives were created through the collaboration of producers and consumers.

“For example, the farmers united to jointly purchase milking machines, eventually leading to the Campina factory. These are wonderful examples of regional cooperation”, according to Eindhoven Museum.

The museum wants to preserve the city’s history. Objects such as company clothing, clock cards and other items are reminiscent of the early years of the cooperatives and, are being chosen for display.

Individuals who believe they possess intriguing items are encouraged to submit reports via the email collectie@eindhovenmuseum.nl. 

Source: Studio040Translated by: Seetha


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