Studio040 moves to the Muziekgebouw

Studio040 moves to the muziekgebouw
Photo Credit: Studio040

Studio040 is leaving the Designhuis and moving to a more central location in Eindhoven, the Muziekgebouw. The place offers new opportunities for Studio040 and Eindhoven. “We are looking for people who can tell the story of our city. This move creates opportunities,” says councillor Mieke Verhees.

“We want to bring our broadcasting closer to the people, but then we need to be as close to the city centre as possible,” says Mike Weerts, director of Studio040. In cooperation with the Muziekgebouw, the broadcaster should become more visible in Eindhoven. “We will soon be allowed to use hall M (the former Meneer Frits) and we will also get a radio studio directly adjacent to the market,” Weerts explains.


The Muziekgebouw also sees opportunities for its own organisation. “With Studio040, we have several agreements. I think we can cooperate in making programmes and we can both use the recording studios,” says Edo Righini, director of the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

The municipality of Eindhoven is supporting Studio040’s relocation. “We are looking for people and organisations that can tell the story of our fast-growing city. That’s why I immediately saw opportunities in the move of Studio040 to the Muziekgebouw,” says alderman Mieke Verhees. “We are looking forward to working with the Muziekgebouw and Studio040. Eindhoven365, Eindhoven’s city marketer, will also be involved. Together we can showcase Eindhoven.”

On 1 September, Studio040 will move to its new location. First, only the office and editorial area will move, with the radio studios to follow later.

Studio040 moved to the Designhuis in 2017. Before that, the broadcaster was located at the Ruysdaelbaan for about 10 years.

Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Chaitali Sengupta

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