Lower income households to receive extra financial assistance

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Eindhoven is going to give more people with low incomes a little extra, known as ‘Meedoenbijdrage’. The city council decided this on Tuesday afternoon.

The Meedoenbijdrage is an amount that can be spent freely. The limit for such an extra contribution is currently 120 percent of the minimum income, but in 2025 and 2026 this will be increased to 130 percent. The proposal comes from coalition parties GroenLinks and PvdA.

The SP has also been advocating an increase for a long time. The party even wants the extra to become a permanent contribution from 2027. But that goes a bit too far for PvdA council member Rosa van den Nieuwenhof. “I think that is really what the next coalition will be about. We have made the agreement not to cover structural resources with incidental money.”

The municipality of Eindhoven will use the entire amount (6 to 7 million euros) that is left over from the national energy allowance for low-income earners to help this group. The Eindhoven council decided this on Tuesday afternoon.

Oral care

Earlier, there was considerable criticism of the new minimum scheme. Alderman Saskia Lammers (welfare, work and poverty) has promised to include a number of proposals from the municipal council in the expansion of the scheme. For example, at the insistence of the CDA, there will be a higher contribution for dental care and there will also be a trade-in scheme for old white goods (washing machine or refrigerator). “The adjustments will have an impact on feasibility,” says Lammers. She will return to what those consequences are later.

The SP is pleased with the adjustments. Party chairman Murat Memiş says so on behalf of the party. “We are pleased with the improvements for the residents of Eindhoven”.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez


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