Hooliganism creates havoc outside restaurant Mado

Violence broke out further down on Woenselse markt

What was supposed to be a great football party ended in a drama for Sengül Aygün. In front of the restaurant where she works, on the Woenselse Markt in Eindhoven, a riot erupted on Saturday night.

Film footage shows tables and chairs being thrown after the match. Rioters did not spare the pavement café furniture of restaurant Mado. On Sunday, there is not trace of the violence, Omroep Brabant reports. “We put our spare chairs and tables outside and we were able to borrow things from our neighbours,” manager Sengül Aygün explains.

“I woke up last night from all the videos and photos that were sent to me. It felt like a war was being waged on our doorstep. Such chaos, it was terrible.” The restaurant door was vandalised. “I couldn’t get in because the door was completely bent and now it’s stuck,” says Sengül. She heard first-hand from her staff about what they experienced. “According to my staff, the violence started after the match. A flag was set on fire and then all hell broke loose. According to my staff, it had nothing to do with Turkey. It was a fight about politics.”

Source: www.studio040.nl
Translated by Yawar Abbas

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