Volt angry with address list held by Studio040

Volt angry with Studio040 for address list
Photo Credit: Studio040

Municipal council group Volt is not happy about the address list that Studio040 has obtained. The broadcaster received that list as a response to questions about vacant property owned by Eindhoven municipality.

The regional broadcaster received a list of 36 addresses and corresponding square metres from the municipality of Eindhoven. Council group Volt is outraged by this state of affairs. Volt is outraged as Studio040 did not share the same data with the city council earlier.

Volt says in council questions that the information given to the city broadcaster was not passed on to the city council in the same month when technical questions were asked. This was not possible due to privacy guidelines, incidentally, the college also informed that the vacancy rate is currently “historically low”.

The group wants to know whether the data Studio040 received can still be shared with the council.

Down to zero

Following the list, Studio040 published an article on vacant properties. It revealed that there are 15,054 square metres of municipal property vacant. Volt wants this number to be reduced to zero and for existing studio space to also be rented out for the cultural sector.

Finally, Volt refers to the municipality of Groningen, which has been commissioned by the city council to start its own housing company. Volt would like to see a similar project in Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Chaitali Sengupta.

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