First Eindhoven Pride leaves you wanting more

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The first Eindhoven Pride is over, but a feeling of joy remains within the organisation. “I thought it was fantastic that politicians, the municipality and companies showed that they support the community”, chairman Benjamin Ector reflects.


Ector of the Eindhoven Pride Foundation saw how more than 10,000 visitors came to the city to attend the event. Over 5,000 revellers went wild during the Pride Vibes Festival on Stadhuisplein, while around 8,000 people lined the parade route. In the run-up to the city’s first Pride, it was quite exciting. “It’s always a waste of time because it’s the first time. But I think we had a very nice edition”.

Huge success

For a week, the city was all about the LGBTQIA+ community. “Our community continues to be hit,” he refers to the theft of rainbow flags and the targeting of the COC building.

That feeling of insecurity was also there during the Eindhoven Pride. Some participants dared not travel to the event in full uniform, so there was a safe changing area near the station. “It shows how difficult it can be for the community”.

He continues to fight for acceptance in the community. “Encouraging social dialogue is important,” Ector explains one of the goals of Eindhoven Pride. He does not expect miracles but wants to show opponents that they are there and will ultimately be accepted for who they are. “We also appreciate you”.

In the news

But how do you reach critics who consciously stay away? “They see it on the news,” the chairman explains. In any case, the first edition of Eindhoven Pride leaves you wanting more. Shortly, the foundation will sit down with the municipality to evaluate the party. The date the next Pride starts is already known: June 14, 2025.

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