Family business Caspar de Haan celebrates 275th anniversary

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The oldest family business in Eindhoven is celebrating its 275th anniversary this year. Founded on May 17, 1749 by Jasper de Haan, the company has stood the test of time for nine generations. With each generation there were new developments and new paths were taken. “We celebrate the anniversary with pride.”

Jaspers and Caspars de Haan have continually brought the company further, not only in terms of growth in the number of employees, but also in the variety of activities. The company specialises in the maintenance and renovation of existing real estate in the most sustainable way possible.

The first generations

Initially, the company was concerned with the decoration of buildings, including stairwells and the application of ornaments and gold leaf. Caspar de Haan III and IV expanded the company with painting, candle making and a wholesale business. Caspar de Haan V took the company to new heights by starting several small businesses for his children, such as a clog maker and a rope maker.

Caspar de Haan Sr. (VIII) remembers how his father always emphasised that if someone was better at a task, it was best to let that person do it and not interfere. This management principle became a cornerstone of the company.

After the second World War

After the Second World War, Caspar de Haan became an important player in the reconstruction. Caspar de Haan VII further expanded the company with a paint spraying shop and industrial products for companies such as Philips. Under the leadership of Caspar de Haan VIII, who fully took over the company in 1985, the company transformed into advanced painting and lacquer techniques, with a focus on new construction projects. An important decision in the 1980s was to focus on the maintenance market instead of new construction, which led to collaborations with housing associations and healthcare institutions.

Caspar de Haan Sr. watched these transformations with pride. He remembers the challenges and hard work, especially when the company went through a difficult period with the new factory on Hurk not running as expected. This led to financial problems and ultimately bankruptcy. That was a low point for Caspar de Haan Jr. He felt terrible for his father and was afraid of losing face. This difficult moment led him to a deeper understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship and helped him grow as a leader within the company.

Caspar de Haan Sr. led the company through turbulent times, not only expanding the company, but also being actively involved in social initiatives such as the Food Bank. His commitment to the community, combined with his business acumen, makes him a respected leader there as well.

Modern time

Since 2002, the company, led by the latest generation, Caspar de Haan Jr., has focused on sustainability and renovation. The company grew by 25 to 30 percent per year and has positioned itself as a pioneer in making existing homes more sustainable. Caspar Jr. emphasises the importance of empathy in the work: “People make the difference. We renovate and maintain the existing environment, and this must be done in an empathetic manner. We sometimes encounter situations of loneliness, pollution, poverty, addiction or illness and we adapt to the situation, but the train must continue.”

Caspar Jr. is proud of the culture they have built, where employees are central. “Employees are very important to us, people-driven, that is my model. I am more of a generalist; my colleagues always complemented me very well based on their specialisation.” His philosophy is that happiness and health of the family always come first, something he learned from his father.


Since 2020, Caspar de Haan is no longer an independent family business, but works together with shareholders, part of the Omdus holding company. This unites innovative family businesses such as De Variabel and United Legendz. “Cas wanted more,” says Caspar de Haan Sr. “He looked beyond the provincial borders for new partners.” Caspar de Haan had an ‘outsider’ as director for the first time, Gerard Dinnessen. Although this step caused a lot of emotion within the family, the ripples that arose at that time have been smoothed out and relations within the family are good. The company is flourishing and continues to make an impact by always looking for new innovations to make society even more sustainable.

Caspar Jr. no longer has a management role, but remains involved as a shareholder at important moments such as anniversaries. He celebrates the 275th anniversary with pride and looks back on a period of intense growth: “Together with Gerard we went from a company worth 5 million to 140 million in twenty years.”

Social awareness

Both seniors and juniors show their involvement in social projects. Caspar de Haan Sr. remains active in the Food Bank and other initiatives, while Caspar de Haan Jr. collaborates with organisations such as Springplank and Hugo van Rooij for social events such as the Christmas dinner.


He is proud of the company’s culture and the steps that have been taken to prepare the company for the future. He dreams of leaving the company in good hands and focusing more on social projects. His children, Cas and Bob, are encouraged to find their own path, with the hope that they will contribute something meaningful and valuable to the world. “What I find important is that my sons do something beautiful and meaningful, something that the world needs. There are still plenty of challenges, both social and climate-related. If they get involved in that, I would love that.”


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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