Eindhoven wants to buy Fellenoord

Development Fellenoord: Eindhoven is looking at purchase options and expects help from The Hague
Photo credit: Provincie Noord-Brabant/Studio040

In the scale jump that Eindhoven is facing, the development of Fellenoord is perhaps the most important. The Municipality of Eindhoven expects the necessary help from The Hague in this development.

Fellenoord alone is a mega project, within the larger developments of KnoopXL and HOV4.


The municipality wants to acquire as much land as possible in the area to make development easier and keep it affordable. An office building was therefore previously purchased by the Municipality of Eindhoven. “In addition, we are now looking at whether we want to purchase three other locations”. These are Schimmelt 2 – 50, Lardinoisstraat 1 to 15 and Fellenoord 310-370 on which the municipality has made a decision in principle. If the office and retail properties will actually be taken over at the locations mentioned is not yet known.

Civil servants

Many civil servants are therefore needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. “About 20,000 homes should be built in those areas together”, responsible councillor, Stijn Steenbakkers, says. “More capacity is needed, civil servants must work closer together so that decisions can be made more quickly”.

BV Fellenoord

That is why help will probably come from The Hague in the form of official human capacity. “Decisions we have made in the past help us with this. The establishment of BV Fellenoord, together with the province of Noord (north) Brabant, is an example of this. The civil servants working within that BV are not distracted by other projects, while that would otherwise happen”.

Better communication

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs has said: ‘We are coming to help implement it’. Help at Fellenoord BV is part of that”. This will also make the lines to The Hague shorter, Steenbakkers thinks. “These people can go directly to the ministry if a project gets stuck somewhere, and then all kinds of meetings do not have to be scheduled first”.

“It may also be that the ministry finds it so interesting that it wants to join and become a co-shareholder. The municipal council and the provincial government will then have to decide on this. That is not yet the case”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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