Deadly shooting in the street: ‘Gun was aimed at nurse’

Robbery at Aldi, In Tongelrestraat,
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Many children witnessed Sunday evening’s deadly shooting on the Rode Kruislaan  in Eindhoven. At the ‘De Ontmoeting’ primary school, they discussed what happened on Monday. Many other neighbours also saw the shooting happen in the street; it is the talk of the town in the neighbourhood. “The victim collapsed in front of my eyes.”

In the classes of the ‘De Ontmoeting’ primary school in Eindhoven, there was a discussion on Monday about what happened in the neighbourhood the day before, says the school director. “Parents spoke to me about it at the start of classes. We certainly talk about it in the class but we mainly create an opportunity for the children to share their thoughts and experiences about what happened at Rode Kruislaan,” says school director Esther Baten.

Local residents

Other local residents are also still in shock a day later. “I was in the bathroom when I heard shots being fired. I immediately went out,” says Fidan, who lives opposite on the Rode Kruislaan street. He is still visibly shaken when he tells what he found when he saw the victim lying on the street. “He was hit in the head.”

An eyewitness, who prefers not to give his name, was driving across the road when the shots were fired. “I didn’t immediately realise what was going on because my car radio was quite loud. The victim got out of the red car and crashed in front of me. Another car driven by a nurse happened to arrive from a side street. When she stopped she had a gun pointed at her in the car, the eyewitness continues.


Her partner, who is a police officer, ran after one of the perpetrators. “I called the emergency number 122 myself. It took four minutes that I was on hold, I hung up and was called back a few minutes later.” The eyewitness also noticed that there was a child seat in the back seat of the victim’s car.

Marcia Jansen was just putting her two children (6 and 8) to bed. “I saw what was going on and took them to the back of our house so that they wouldn’t see everything. I live right opposite the place where it happened. We were told to stay inside our house. There were a lot of people on the scene, including many children. The police had difficulty keeping them at a distance,” says Marcia. “It’s unbelievable that something like this can happen on your doorstep.”

Source: Studio040
Translated by Yawar Abbas

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