Lost ASML job because mistaken for terrorism suspect

Compensation for Eindhoven residents who were wrongly mistaken for terrorism suspects
Photo credit: Studio040

The nine young Eindhoven residents who were wrongly mistaken for Muslim terrorists will receive compensation ranging from €42,000 to €159,000. The court in Rotterdam determined this.

The nine men were wrongly suspected of preparing a terrorist attack and were all acquitted.

When calculating the compensation, it is taken into account that many of the former suspects lost their jobs – at ASML, for example – and income after they were taken from their beds by arrest teams in September 2021. They are said to have made plans for terrorist attacks. All nine were acquitted in March 2023.

Most suspects were held for about eight months in the terrorist department of various prisons. According to the court, the pre-trial detention was ‘particularly drastic’ for the men. They would still experience ‘above average adverse consequences’ of detention. The court therefore doubles the standard amount of €130 that the state pays to people who were wrongly detained in a TA (transactional analysis).

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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