Letters pour in at Stedelijk College seeking 50 new employees

Stedelijk College Eindhoven new employees
Photo credit: Mike Jupijn/Studio040

Stedelijk College Eindhoven can breathe a sigh of relief. The school had to find fifty employees in a short period of time. The principal told earlier that this “is going to be a tough one”, but the letters are pouring in. There are already 103 applicants.

The applicants are coming in for interviews on Wednesday and Thursday. “Many people who apply have an educational, facilities or administrative background. They can teach, make schedules, answer the phone or be a janitor”, Daniëlle van Drongelen of Stedelijk College says.

Teachers are especially sought after. “Among the applicants are people without the right papers, but who could probably do the job. They get the chance to get a teaching certificate with us”.

Non-native speakers

The employees are needed to teach ‘non-native speakers’ aged twelve to sixteen the Dutch language and culture. The school can no longer handle the influx of children from abroad and speaks of an explosion. They sign up for the Global College, part of the Stedelijk College Eindhoven.

The students come from different backgrounds. They are mostly young refugees and children of migrant workers and expats. For decades, the school year has begun with 180 children from abroad. In September, there are 600. By the end of the year, the expectation is that 800 children have to be taught.


But fortunately, many people have responded. “We read in the letters a great passion for education, but especially for the social problem we are facing in Eindhoven. That’s what you want: to carry this together. They apply from all kinds of corners, but you see in a lot of people that passion for students and that they really want to help”.

Next week the applicants will come for a second interview. Expectations are high. “We expect it to work out!”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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