Eindhoven bakers’ strike off the table

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The strikes announced earlier today at, among others, Dutch Bakery in Eindhoven, will not take place. FNV Voedingsindustrie and CNV Vakmensen on the one hand and the employers on the other have reached a last-minute negotiation result.

Part of the result is that wages will increase by sixteen percent over a period of nineteen months. Tomorrow, this result will be presented to the members in the companies that were to go on strike. Ron Vos, director FNV Voedingsindustrie: “The industrial employers have made a significantly better wage offer under the threat of strikes. Tomorrow we want to discuss this with our members.”

The proposal is to increase wages by seven percent on July 1 this year. On January 1 and July 1 of next year, another 4.5 percent will be added at a time. Further substantive agreements for in the CBA have not been made.


Nicole Engmann-Van Eijbergen, director CNV Vakmensen: “I am relieved that the pressure of a possible strike was enough to make the employers move. They saw in time that they could not conclude yet another collective bargaining agreement at the expense of their own people. It is now up to the members to judge whether they succeeded.”

Bread factory Dutch Bakery at the Hurksestraat in Eindhoven employs a total of 75 people.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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