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Road safety awareness in Woensel shopping centre

Last year there were one hundred and forty fatal traffic victims in Brabant. For family and friends, it is a big trauma but for others just a number. That is why road safety was made visible this weekend in the Woensel shopping centre with 140 empty seats. One for each person who died. “Someone could have been sitting there.”

Everyone sees it in the news: an accident with a fatal outcome, from a 31-year-old motorcyclist from Eindhoven to three young children who died in a car accident in Oss. These are events with immense consequences for the next of kin, but the reader of the news returns to the routine of the day.

That needs to change, say the municipality and the province. According to them, the number of road deaths in Brabant is much too high, while many accidents could have been prevented. “Ninety percent of the accidents are due to the behaviour of road users. So we are trying to get awareness with these seats is the most important thing,” explains provincial administrator Stijn Smeulders.

And that the message is getting through is evident from the reaction of visitors. “It makes me sad,” says a girl, visibly impressed. “And to think that all those people were still among us at the beginning of last year,” another visitor adds.

Victims get a face

The 140 seats give traffic fatalities a face for passers-by. “I think this comes in more than a list of numbers,” says a woman, looking at a chair. “You read it; you pass it by. But now that you see the seat, you think someone could have been sitting there. That makes you think about how people are in traffic.”

According to Eindhoven residents, the behaviour of road users still leaves much to be desired. “I myself cross the Fransebaan with my dog ​​a few times a day. Then you know that people drive fast there. Then you stand with one foot on the street and then quickly back. Because then there is a buzz. ”

Monique Esselbrugge -Deputy Mayor

Zero road fatalities

The government ultimately wants to achieve zero road fatalities. Monique Esselbrugge, alderperson for mobility, does have some advice for drivers to achieve this.”Please pay attention in traffic. So no alcohol, no drugs, and no looking at your phone. Those are small things, but it helps to get everyone home safely.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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