Stationsplein will receive LGBTI artwork

Photo credit: Studio040

A ground painting will be installed on the Stationsplein in honour of the LGBTI community in Eindhoven. The painting will be unveiled by Mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem prior to the city’s first pride parade on June 10.

Permanent replacement

The ground painting will replace the triangle of red tiles, located at the intersection of Stationsplein and Dommelstraat. The artwork is an initiative of the municipality of Eindhoven itself, said Johan Stribos from Queer 040.

“It will be a permanent feature, but we also know that the area will be redesigned one day. We don’t know what will happen then, but that is still a long way off. In any case, the work of art must remain visible for a long time, that is the intention”, he added.


Both Queer 040 and COC Eindhoven are closely involved in the development of the ground painting. “We were included in the process from the start. Several artists were able to submit a design proposal. In the end, the choice fell on a design by Dennis Drummen, who is also affiliated with Queer 040.”

The painting will be an adaptation of the pride flag, in which not only the rainbow colours are incorporated, but also black and brown – for people of colour – and the colours of the trans flag (white, baby blue and baby pink). It is not yet clear when the ground painting will be installed, it depends on the weather, Stribos said. It is also not clear how long the painting will continue to adorn the Stationsplein.


“Propositions had already been submitted, for example, to construct a rainbow zebra crossing in a prominent place in the city centre. That was not possible because it would not benefit road safety. As a result, the demand for an LGBTI artwork in a prominent place in the city centre remained with us”.

“There is, of course, the tunnel that is painted in the rainbow colours, but it is not very central,” said Stribos. “Then the city council itself came up with the idea of ​​installing a work of art on the Stationsplein”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha


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