Long queues in several super markets

Shopping safely in the 'senior shopping hour'
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Supermarkets and other shops in Brabant had to deal with a payment failure on Tuesday afternoon. Customers mostly had difficulty paying for their groceries. The outage started around a quarter to four. The malfunction was largely over after an hour and finally the groceries could be paid for.

Berend Jan Beugel, spokesman for the Dutch Payments Association, said that the problem was not with banks, payment institutions or transaction processors. “We have not had any reports of malfunctions there. And we usually fix them fairly quickly if the problem is there”.

According to him, previous failures saw the the problem lie with telecom providers, such as KPN or T-Mobile. All ATMs are connected to this.

At most supermarkets, there were long queues with people who still had to pay for their groceries. It is not clear which stores had been disrupted but Media Market in Den Bosch and all Lidl supermarkets were affected with their debit card payments.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Seetha

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