Eindhoven tightens control on taxi industry

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Photo credit: Eindhoven Media Library/Studio040

High fares, deliberate detours and refusing rides. The signals received by the city council and the LPF about the cab industry in Eindhoven are not exactly rosy. That is why the municipality is going to control taxi transport more strictly.

This is what the Municipal Executive announced in response to questions from the LPF.

That political party sounded the alarm after worrying reports about cab transport in the city. The prices are said have increased enormously. People used to pay around twenty euros. Allegedly, these days,  the meter is left off and advance charges are around sixty euros, says council member Rudy Reker. Not agreeing means no ride. Taxi drivers are also said to make detours with the meter running to drive up the fare. The LPF fears this could lead to conflicts between passenger and driver.

Close scrutiny

The city council also finds the exorbitant prices undesirable. Therefore, the municipality will from now on monitor the taxi industry more closely, for example by using mystery guests. Clients commissioned by the city will check how the taxi transport in Eindhoven is doing. In addition, the municipality will start monitoring taxi transactions again, such as at the boarding point. Because of the corona period, supervision had to make way to other priorities. Due to the shortage of boas (investigating oficers) at the time, the taxi market was largely unsupervised.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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