Annual New Year council meeting: ‘Not Eindhoven No. 1, but 1 Eindhoven’

Not Eindhoven No. 1, but 1 Eindhoven, where everyone looks out for each other. That was the message of mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem during the traditional New Year’s meeting of the municipality of Eindhoven held this year in the Parktheater.

Tradionally, during the meeting, the previous year is reviewed and the ambitions for the new year are expressed. “We have had a lot to deal with, from the tail end of corona to the war in Ukraine and helping those that were forced to flee. We have also had price increases that many Eindhoven residents have felt  the consequences of,” said Mayor Dijsselbloem.

‘One Eindhoven’ 

In the new year, Dijsselbloem wants to get rid of the idea that ‘Eindhoven should be number 1’. “Last year, the city council started to focus on this idea. The city is now seen and recognized and sometimes even viewed with envy. Still, now that we are at this level, I want to move to the concept ‘one Eindhoven’. A community where we look after each other and are there for each other.”

A message that was understood by those present. Although comedian Rob Scheepers gave it a different meaning in his show during the meeting at the Parktheater. “I think the ambition is quite thin. So we want to get rid of Eindhoven at No.1, but Marcel Brands is in, so we want that slogan back. He just wants to have PSV at No.1, but that is a different ambition.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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