Youth council gives first advice to Eindhoven city council

youth council talks to city council Eindhoven
Photo credit: Remco van Dooren/Studio040

“Poverty and youth” is the first topic on which their opinion is given. The Jeugdraad (youth council) will present the opinion to the city council on Tuesday night.

The theme is especially relevant in times of the huge inflation hitting the economy. The youth council therefore comes up with a number of recommendations.

For example, the youth council calls attention to the fact that among many families dealing with poverty, their Dutch or English is not proficient enough to understand information coming to them from the municipality. “Interpreters are needed, the municipality must look beyond communicating in Dutch and English”, it sounds.

In addition, the large number of websites on poverty, from the municipality and other affiliated institutions, is a thorn in the side of the youth council. “It creates ignorance and confusion”, the youth council believes. “There should be a clear website for people struggling with poverty, in several languages, under the management of the municipality but separate from the official municipal website”.

Finally, more can be done against poverty on the schools in Eindhoven. This could take the form of lessons on poverty, beyond the standard economics lessons. But schools could also provide a breakfast or lunch with a subsidy from the municipality or the state, the youth council believes.

In addition, schools also now have a responsibility to provide clarity on voluntary parental contributions. “Schools need to make more clearly what is voluntary and what is not. Now communication is often unclear, nor is it clear when children can or cannot participate”, the youth council said.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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