SP and 50Plus question hotline for housing nuisance

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The SP and 50Plus have asked council questions about the functioning of the hotline for housing nuisance (Meldpunt Woonoverlast). According to the groups, nothing was done with a number of complaints the hotline received.

Adminstrative blunder

Earlier, the council said that fourteen applications for a permit for housing division or letting rooms were not reports of housing nuisance – the municipality granted the fourteen permits due to an administrative blunder.

According to the groups, this is not correct. One of the addresses was reported to the Meldpunt Woonoverlast and to the police. However, the hotline referred them to other agency websites.

How the hot line functions ?

SP and 50Plus therefore want to know how the hotline functions. For example, the groups wonder in which cases the municipality takes action, and when cases are referred to other agencies. The opposition parties also want to know whether and to what extent reports are considered when granting a permit, how many reports have been received by the hotline this year, and in how many cases the municipality has taken action.


Finally, the groups want to know what the situation is with someone who has been granted a permit while suspected of criminal offenses, in response to an article in the ED. The groups want to know if the municipality can revoke the permit on this basis.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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