Sinterklaas decorations vandal comes forward: ‘That takes guts’

Vandalised Sinterklaas decorations Picture rights Omroep Brabant/Eva de Schipper

The youth who vandalised Sinterklaas decorations in Sint-Oedenrode last weekend has come forward and confessed. On 5th December he informed the committee that had arranged the decorations. The perpetrator has expressed regret. He wants to compensate for the damage and is even willing to help us paint next year,” says chairman Ed Steenbakkers delightedly.

Ruined decorations

The chairman and the other members of the committee were faced with an unpleasant surprise on Monday. The decorations on the roundabout lay in pieces on the ground. The volunteers had worked hard for days. Vandals had pulled the decorations apart and smashed them with sidewalk tiles prised loose from the street.

Celebration as usual

When Sinterklaas and his helpers made their house calls in the village on Monday one of the vandals became increasigly uneasy. “A little before six o’clock tonight we got a call from a young man. He confessed that he destroyed the objects. He was walking home from a night out with a few drinks too many,” says Steenbakkers. “Now that he is sober, he thinks that the Sinterklaas festival should be celebrated as usual. Many volunteers do a lot of work . He regrets ruining that.”


The youth announced that he intends to compensate the 100 euros damage. He has already signed up to paint as a volunteer for next year. “I really appreciate that,” says Steenbakkers. “I think it’s great that he dared to come forward”

Soon Ed will sit down with the youth with a cup of coffee to iron things out together. Doubts about whether there will be another decoration next year are no longer there. “This is a signal to the rest of the pub crawlers. This behaviour is neither appreciated and  or tolerated here. Next year, all six roundabouts will be decorated,” says Steenbakker. “And with the extra help, I am convinced that this will succeed.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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