Stijn stumbles upon kangaroo in street and wants to catch it: ‘That animal is so fast’

Kangaroo or wallaby, have you seen it? (Photo: Pexels, not the kangaroo seen in Wouw.)
Photo Credit: Studio040

Stijn Boeijen from Wouw was surprised on Wednesday evening when he wanted to play football with his little son. He found himself face to face with a kangaroo in the middle of the street. “I thought, what am I seeing? Is it a dog, or a cat? But it turned out to be a kangaroo jumping through the gardens here.”

Stijn stepped out the door that evening to go to football training with son Siebe. His friend Roger and son Gijs also cycled down the street at that moment and they were already looking at him strangely.

“I did think we should do something with it, so we tried to catch it. Our sons still went after it, but that beast is so fast.”

Once they arrived at Wouw football club, they told what they had seen on the street. “But we were not believed.” In all the commotion, Stijn still tried to take footage, but failed.

The animal is said to have escaped from a Wouw resident and, according to Stijn, the animal was still not caught on Thursday morning. The police have received a number of reports of the animal running loose, but there would be no dangerous situations, according to a spokesperson. It is up to the owner to catch the animal.

Incidentally, the half-metre-high animal could just as easily be a wallaby: “Many people do not see the difference,” the police said.


Translated by Simge Taşdemir


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