Philips blunders again.

Philips in RepTrak list
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/ Studio040

Philips blunders again in case of the sleep apnea machines of the healthcare technology company. Fine dust has been found in some repaired devices. 

The Eindhoven company has announced this to the American food and medicine watchdog FDA. According to Philips, there are two problems with repaired sleep apnea machines.

The first is that the silicone foam, which replaces the foam previously used, can peel off and block the air supply of the device. The other problem is that fine dust has been found in the air duct of some repaired fans. To clarify this problem, Philips has an external agency conduct an investigation.

The problems surrounding Philips’ sleep apnea devices first came to light in 2021. The recall campaign that had to be set up already cost the company hundreds of millions of euros. In addition, the position of CEO Fran van Houten became untenable due to th affair  and the bonus he nevertheless received.

Due to the disappointing operating results, Philips previously announced that it would cut 4000 jobs worldwide In the Eindhoven region that means at least dozens of forced redundancies.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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