Opposition wants urgent debate about blunder

Rent prices increase in Eindhoven, Too fewhouses, Too many Expat influx,
Buildings are turned into student housing units. Photo Credit: Studio040

The opposition in the Eindhoven city council has requested an urgent debate with the College of Mayor and Alderpersons about the granting of 108 permits to split up houses and charge rent per unit. They claim that official blunders have led to undesirable situations.

It became evident that the municipality had not processed a large number of permit applications on time. As a result, 87 permits had to be granted . The city council itself speaks of 108 wrongfully issued permits.

The urgent debate is necessary so that residents living in the vicinity of the buildings that can now be split up and rented out can still object. Permits could still be revoked in this way. However, the period within which objections can be lodged does not last forever. So, it is urgent to inform local residents.


Their seems to be little sense of urgency, however, according to the city council. The factions are concerned that ‘completely’ insufficient steps are being taken by the College to rectify the error. The communication style so far with local residents of the buildings in question is ‘very business-like’, and not inviting or supportive enough.


The council wants to discuss how to ensure that similar mistakes will not happen again. There is one more question that the council wants to raise at the urgent debate. It also wants to discuss how it is possible that of the 108 wrongfully granted permits, eleven had already been issued earlier this year, without the council being informed.

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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