No music, but animals of sand to earn a little extra on the street

Eindhoven street artist Roberto
Photo credit: Dirkje Blikman/Studio040

A dog and a cat made of yellow sand lie on a red blanket in downtown. They are temporary works of art by Eindhoven street artist Roberto.

On the busy market day in downtown Eindhoven, Roberto has no shortage of interest. Many passers-by look admiringly at the pets made of sand, which the artist says he has been working on for five hours. A few throw a coin in the container provided.

Roberto used to be a structural engineer in Spain and says he has been living in Eindhoven for years. He shows pictures of his family on his phone. That’s what he does it all for. The money he earns from the sand sculptures goes straight to them.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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