Eindhoven receive €1.59 billion for traffic and housing development

Eindhoven receives money , Picture credit: Studio040.nl/Tjeerd Adema

Eindhoven municipality will receive 1.59 billion euros to boost housing construction in the region and improve accessibility to and within the region. Two thirds of that amount comes from the central government. “This is really an historic decision”.

One third of the amount is funded by Province of North Brabant, Metropolitan Region Eindhoven and various private parties.

Most of the amount will go towards improving Eindhoven Central station. Together with express bus lines to ASML and the HTC; some 800 million euros will be earmarked for this. Part of the money will also go towards making the bus station underground.

In addition, part of the amount will be put into housing construction near Fellenoord. There will also be six mobility hubs in the region, the A58 between Eindhoven and Tilburg will be widened, and some 100 kilometres of express cycle lanes are to be built in the region.

‘Historic decision’

Alderperson Stijn Steenbakkers says he is delighted with the news. “This really is a historic decision. The mainport status of the region is now really paying off”, says Steenbakkers.

For Eindhoven, the money is obviously good news. Earlier, the region was fobbed off by the National Growth Fund with a pittance of the amount it was betting on. Only 30 million euros of the billion euros targeted came in.


With the Brainport Deal, the outcome is much better. And it is badly needed. The region is growing like crazy and Brainport is expected to be the most important economic region of the Netherlands in about ten years’ time. The crisis in the housing market and the problems regarding accessibility of the region and within the region, are working as a brake. With the investment, the parties, with The Hague in the lead, show that they do see the urgency of these problems.

Strengthening the economy

This is also reflected in the words of Economic Affairs Minister Micky Adriaansens. “The cabinet has laid down great ambitions to strengthen our economy. We will do this, for example, by investing more than ever in innovation, high-tech, sustainability and digitisation of industry together with regions and companies,” Adriaansens said.

“Accessibility is an absolute core condition for achieving a more successful business climate. The billions of investments in Dutch infrastructure now announced will enable long-term economic growth and employment in places with great opportunities, such as in the Brainport region of Eindhoven.”

‘Keeping it going’

Martijn van Gruijthuijsen, deputy minister for economy of the province of North Brabant, shares the same opinion. “The Brainport region is essential for the economic development and economic security of the Netherlands,” Van Gruijthuijsen said. “In addition, industry in Brabant is necessary for Europe’s strategic autonomy. These investments by the state and region are desperately needed to keep the Netherlands’ economy going, today and tomorrow.”

In total, the cabinet is putting €7.5 billion into housing construction and mobility throughout the Netherlands. A significant part of that amount will therefore go to Eindhoven and its surroundings.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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