Odin is new owner of organic supermarket on Roostenlaan

organic supermarket
Liek Eindhoven

The organic supermarket chain Odin is taking over Liek’s store on the Roostenlaan in Eindhoven. Previously, Liek went bankrupt due to rising energy prices. The new owners commented that they are now ready to open their newest branch.

The doors of the organic supermarket in the Stratum district will open again on Wednesday. Permanent employees will keep their jobs; however, they will now be employed by Odin as of this week.


In the past few weeks it became clear that a reopening was on the cards. “The keys have been handed over to the new owner. The concept of the store remains the same, with a supermarket and a catering area,” says owner Raoul van den Berg Jeths. “The old owner, Liek, started during corona times. Of course that was difficult. Odin has a solid financial foundation with thirty branches in total. That is also the reason why a restart is possible.”

Lack of support

Liek went bankrupt after the lack of corona support and inflation being the last straw. “We are missed in the neighbourhood. But it was no longer possible. People are cutting back on their expenses. At the same time, inflation is driving higher operating costs,” the former owner said.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Louise


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