CDA and Ouderen Appèl want temporary emergency bridge to Stratumseind

Stratumseind bridge
Photo credit: Silvester Klaasman/Studio040

The little bridge over the Dommel between Stratumseind and Stratumsedijk will be closed for over a month. Ouderen Appèl Hart voor Eindhoven (elderly appeal heart for Eindhoven), (OAHvE) and the CDA (christian democrats) now want an emergency bridge to replace it.

Earlier, OAHvE asked council questions about the work on the little bridge because the group fears it will cost hospitality entrepreneurs money. Indeed, just during Glow and Dutch Design Week, the Stratumseind is now poorly accessible.

The groups would have preferred that the bridge could remain open in the weekend, something that entrepreneurs on Stratumseind would also have counted on. Therefore, the groups also want to know if something went wrong in the communication.

In addition, visitors to the major events taking place before December would have to detour at least 300 metres to get to Stratumseind, CDA and OAHvE write.

Finally, the groups report that, as far as they are concerned, an emergency bridge should be constructed. After all, that would have been done before.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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