‘Spaceframe’ provides 40 households at Vredeoord with their own energy

A futuristic aluminium installation rises from the ground at a construction site on Vredeoord. The colossal structure is called Spaceframe and will help provide 40 new apartments with their own energy.

The system was purchased by a CPO: a collective private commission from Eindhoven. In this case, a group of people who build sustainable homes together call themselves Meer&deel. The company Hocosto is the developer of the system and also the party that is installing it at Vredeoord.

Nick van Eekelen, project leader at Hocosto: “The frame will soon be lifted into a basin that will be filled with water. This basin is heated in the summer by means of solar collectors. In winter, we use that heat to heat the homes.” On Friday, the structure will be lifted into the pit that will serve as a basin. The houses should be ready in May.

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj

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