‘Sick leave’ causes long queues at Eindhoven Airport

Long Queues at Eindhoven Airport due to sick leave of staffs
Photo Credit: Studio040

Things had improved a bit for a while and the long queues at Eindhoven Airport were almost not there. However, this week the long lines are back.

On Wednesday, there was a long queue of passengers in front of the terminal. The airport announced earlier that it did not expect these lines to recur – unless exceptional situations arose.

“It is due to a combination of factors. For example, in security, where the biggest bottleneck is, we have had a few staff calling in sick in recent days,” said a spokesperson.

New people
“On top of that, there are a lot of new people working in security. In some cases, they still need to be trained. In addition, not everyone is allowed to work in every section. At the scan point, people have to pass a screening before they are allowed to work there. Those screenings are delayed at the moment,” reports the spokesperson.

Finally, the chaos in Schiphol Airport is also affecting Eindhoven Airport. “Many people who were supposed to fly via Schiphol are now rebooking their flights. That is why we have exceptionally high occupancy rates in the planes – almost every flight is packed,” says the spokesman.

And an old problem is also surfacing as a result. “Like the summer, many passengers are arriving at the airport too early. That too causes these long lines.”

Source: Studio040

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  1. Shame of an airport.After waiting for 3 hrs last Saturday,asked group 4 security to be allowed to jump queue as flight was leaving.Answer was if you jump will send you back to start of queue outside airport it doesnt matter for him if we missed flight.Coming from a very friendly island,my feeling was is this how Eindhoven and Dutch people in general welcome foreigner families who come to spend money in their country.Luckily pilot waited and flight left 45 mins late.If people are arriving too early its responsibility of airport staff to organise queuing by flight not leave it in irresponsible hands of security.Missing a flight will cost passengers thousands of euros in rebooking and a big hassle.


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