Municipality: rescuing fish yourself well-meant, but not wise

Rescuing fish
Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

Rescuing fish from dried-up puddles: it is well-intentioned, but neither sensible nor permitted. This is what the Municipality of Eindhoven says in response to an item from Studio040 about a ‘fish rescue team’ in the Aanschotse Beemden.

At the end of August a team of volunteers came to the pond of the Aanschotse Beemden with scoop nets. Reason: a message on Facebook about dead pike near the pond. Although the pike were not found, it was clear that the fish in the pond were suffering. There was only 30 per cent of the natural water left and on the surface you could see the occasional pike jumping. The self-appointed rescue team did not need to come into action, but if the situation had been slightly worse they would have done so.

Not desirable, the municipality says in an answer to questions from Studio040, which was coordinated with Waterschap (water board) de Dommel and Sportvisserij (sport fishery) Zuidwest (south west) Nederland. “Because of the drought we see more and more fish in distress. The initiative is well-intentioned, however, we would like to ask residents to report this to the appropriate authorities (such as the municipality, water board or sport fishery), so that they can take appropriate action. Entering water to rescue fish is not recommended, because the water quality may be poor and contact may cause disease. Also the river floor can be damaged. Moreover, it is not permitted to simply release fish elsewhere. Unintentionally, fish may end up in an environment where they do not belong. Releasing or withdrawing fish is only permitted for the holder of the fishing rights”.


“What nonsense, I know what I’m doing, right?”, the initiator of the fish rescue team says when asked for a response. “It’s a little less dry now because of the rain. But I’ll keep paying attention”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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