Eindhoven citizens not mourning Mayor Jorritsma’s departure

Mayor John Jorritsma
Photo credit: Rens van Mierlo/Studio040

John Jorritsma officially resigns his duties as Mayor of Eindhoven on Monday after six years. The city’s residents are mostly relieved.

“I have never seen him anywhere. Other Mayors I even ran into in the supermarket”, an Eindhoven resident says on the street. Another resident doesn’t mind Jorritsma leaving either. “I’m glad that a new one is coming”.

Jorritsma had peaks and troughs in his time as Mayor. When he took office, Eindhoven was in bad shape financially. He also had to deal with violent riots, the corona crisis, a lot of crime and housing shortages. “I can imagine that it has been a difficult task for him”, one woman says.

Next Monday, Jorritsma will say goodbye, during a special council meeting. He will pass the baton to Jeroen Dijsselbloem. The former minister will be sworn in on Tuesday evening.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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