ASML village booming with more facilities

ASML village
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

ASML in Veldhoven is a village within a village with 18,000 people working every day. They just have to go home to sleep. On Tuesday evening, the chip machine manufacturer will hold an open house. Sports at ASML or to the doctor, supermarket, hairdresser, masseur or a restaurant, it is all possible.

Omroep Brabant did get a unique glimpse into the ‘ASML bubble’.

During the break it is teeming with people in the restaurants. Asian, Italian or something ‘typical Dutch’ as ​​they call it: a frikandel from the wall. It’s all there. Even a “Dutch sausage roll” (worstebroodje) as it is described on the display. “We have 139 nationalities so there is something for everyone,” says Kristel Gijsbers-Voets of ASML.

The head office and the many buildings of the chip machine manufacturer are located in Veldhoven. It is a huge site where you just spend half an hour walking from the parking garage to a building. ASML brings employees from all over the world to Veldhoven. Yet they are not the majority. “Two-thirds of our employees are still Dutch and they like a frikandel from the wall,” says Kristel. She gives us a tour.

The special suits for the ‘cleanrooms’ linger. We are not going to see the machines with which you can make the chips. This time we get to see how this global player in the chip machine industry takes care of its people.

For example, there is a supermarket on site. Open 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. Joeri van Lieshoud quickly drops by to do an errand. “It’s immense how many people come here every day.” He’s looking for a card. “Someone from my team happened to get married. I need to have a card to congratulate them. You can also get it here.”

The tour continues and we arrive at a room where the hairdresser, nail stylist and telephone repairer are sitting. Hairdresser Marscha van Herk asks what Shafik’s hair wishes are. The sides short and on top a bit longer is the ASML coup. “Often yes. It is usually men who get their hair cut. Women are coming more for their nails. Men do find it easy to come by during working hours, otherwise it won’t happen easily. So far, there are many positive reactions that it can be done during working hours.”

“We also have a hair salon in Veldhoven centre. A real Brabant cozy salon. Here in the office it is also cozy, but different with so many nationalities. Here you have more stories about where everyone comes from and what they do here, instead of the usual gossip.”

Shafik Fatah is satisfied with the end result: “Many people who work five days have little time to go to the hairdresser. It is a village here, except for the hotel to sleep.”

Kristel cleverly responds to this. “In a village you also have doctors. They are also on site here. In case of complaints, you can simply go to the doctor during working hours. You don’t have to take time off. We also have a Covid testing street. For example, if someone flies to Taiwan.”

The masseur and gym are also present. Despite the many facilities, according to an employee, something is missing. “A swimming pool would also be nice.” But that’s not going to happen, according to Kristel. Ah, with half an hour’s walk to the car, that’s enough to maintain fitness levels.

Source :Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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