Why finding 225 reception places in the region is still quite a challenge

finding shelter for refugees
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Finding 225 reception places for refugees in the region, that was the task assigned to the Safety Region Brabant-Zuidoost (VRBZO) on Friday. But this assignment is not that simple.

There is already a chronic shortage of reception locations, so 225 new places cannot be found just like that. That is why it was decided earlier already to stop the long-term crisis reception of Ukrainians. Ukrainian refugees are forced to stay in the crisis emergency accommodation for too long because of the shortage of reception places. Something that also caused the necessary problems.

The reception of 225 refugees from Ter Apel is therefore in addition to the reception of approximately 1800 Ukrainian refugees who are now staying in the region. Contrary to reports about Ukrainians returning to their country, the safety region states that in South-East Brabant there is no question of a decrease in the number of refugees from the country.

Housing shortage
The search for accommodation is taking place against the backdrop of a massive housing shortage, making it virtually impossible for not only refugees but also numerous other groups to find affordable housing.

Couldn’t we make room in the Microlab shelter for refugees from Ter Apel? The Ukrainians who were there have now been transferred to the old Rabobank office building. However, placing new refugees there is not an option, reports the VRBZO. The agreement with the owner of Microlab expires, and the building already has a new tenant, so it sounds.

Source: Studio040

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