Train traffic in the region is down


Train traffic in the Eindhoven region, like in other parts of the country, is down. The train crew are on strike for higher pay.

Only a handful of travelers were present at Eindhoven Central on Tuesday morning, hoping to catch another train. At first, it appeared that rail staff would not stop work in the south of the country until Wednesday. Nevertheless, staff and unions made a last-minute decision to strike in Brabant on Tuesday.

“It is unpleasant and annoying for travelers, but workers have a right to go on strike,” responds an NS spokesperson. He emphasises that it is not only conductors and drivers who are on strike, but also the logistics services in Utrecht. “As a result, it is not possible today to get a good and safe timetable off the ground.”

The cao (collective labour agreement) negotiations between the NS management and the trade unions are deadlocked. The unions want better working conditions and higher pay, now that life has become more expensive

Source: Studio040

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