Summa canteens: healthier, more sustainable and less wasteful

Picture credit: Markies Catering

Last year Summa College received 16 golden dishes from Het Voedingscentrum for offering healthy food in schools. (Het Voedingscentrum is a government-funded centre dishing out advice on healthy food consumption) Summa is taking their previous success one step further by making its canteens more sustainable and re-using left-over products.

Managing waste

Any leftover products will be donated to urban farms in South-East Brabant. Markies Catering will manage the new way of working. The parties already know each other from an earlier collaboration, but it is now being revamped.

Connection with practical education

They do this under the so-called CRAFT formula. This is a catering concept that also involves cooperation with students who, for example, are taking a course to become hosts or cooks. Minoes Borghaerts of Markies Catering: “To craft means to make by hand. And to practice a trade, to learn a craft. That is what binds restaurant CRAFT with the students.” Markies Catering can also be an apprenticeship for these students.

X-Bus – Electric vehicle

From the new school year, the X-bus will also be on the road. This electric vehicle takes the leftover products that cannot be processed to the city farm to be used for example as animal feed or compost. This only happens if they cannot be used to make soups, juices or sauces.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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