Park Hilaria has been improved for the disabled

Park Hilaria Photo credit Studio040

The Park Hilaria organisation has responded to the wish of a group of disabled people to make the fair more accessible for them too. The Thursday before the start of the fair, another round was made to see what still had to be done.

Pavement cafés were impassable, thresholds difficult to overcome and wheelchair users could not reach the attractions. So much had to be improved .

“We were pleasantly surprised to find that they had already built larger ramps,” says Renée van Drunen. As a wheelchair user, she entered into a conversation with the organisation, Eindhoven 24/7. A day before the openings, they entered the park and made suggestions. “We do that every year, but this year they really seem to be acting upon it.”

No poffertjes this year

The biggest problem is the high bank in the middle. That was hard to get across. Larger ramps and mats make it more accesible. But the terrace is not yet accessible everywhere, as is the case with the poffertjes stall. There the ramp gives way to grass, which is difficult for wheelchair users to ride on. “We have made suggestions to place mats under the entire terrace,” says Ingrid Schoenmakers, who was also present during the meeting with the organisation. “But all this also has to be arranged with the municipality, in connection with permits. So no poffertjes this year, maybe next year.”

More improvements needed

Although the park is more accessible than in previous years, Renée and Ingrid would like the stalls closer, or fitted out with ramps. “I can’t go to the attractions to buy a ticket for my children. We would like to see that change,” says Ingrid. They appreciate what the organisation has done, but hope to see even more improvements in the coming years. “But of course they don’t have a budget, that makes it difficult,” explains Ingrid. Renée believes that the municipality should free up money. “There should simply be a fund to improve accessibility to these types of events for people with disabilities.”

Translated by: Seetha

Source: Studio040

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