Eindhoven homes almost unaffordable for singles

affordable housing eindhoven
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Do you have an average salary and are you single? Then you can kiss goodbye to buying a house in Eindhoven, according to research by ‘De Hypotheker’ (mortgage provider).

The number of affordable homes for single earners with an average income – 38,000 euros per year – in Eindhoven is 0.2 percent. That comes down to two houses in the whole city.

This means that Eindhoven is doing slightly better than Amsterdam and The Hague, where affordable owner-occupied homes are completely absent from the housing market. Rotterdam does slightly better with 0.5 percent – or 14 affordable owner-occupied homes.

Modal families
For modal families, with an income of 65,000 euros per year, the opportunities are a lot better, but still not flourishing. 11.6 percent of the homes in Eindhoven are affordable for this last group. In concrete terms, that amounts to 120 affordable homes.

Rotterdam and The Hague also score much better in this respect, with 21 and 25 percent, respectively, of the houses being affordable for average incomes. Utrecht and Amsterdam score slightly lower than Eindhoven, with 9 and 8 percent of affordable family homes respectively.

Source: Studio040

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