Chance of new heat wave, possibly the hottest August ever

Dry and hot August photo credit Wikimedia

In the coming week, the temperature will probably rise above 30 degrees again for a few days. A new regional heat wave is possible. This month could also be the hottest August ever in Brabant.

This Monday the temperature is still stuck at about 26 degrees, Johnny Willemsen of Weerplaza told the radio program WAKKER on Broadcasting Brabant early this morning.

“We will see quite a few clouds throughout the day, interspersed with sunshine in the afternoon. A light shower is possible. Monday morning a few showers will move from Belgium to here, although there will be fewer and fewer as the day goes on.”

Tuesday will be much the same. “With a shower, especially later in the day sun and again about 26 or 27 degrees. Then the temperature goes up and that heat wave comes into view. But for that you need three days of 30 degrees or more.”

According to the weatherman, that temperature will be reached on Wednesday and Thursday. He is still hesitant about Friday. “If there are a lot of clouds and thunderstorms early on, it won’t happen. But if those clouds and showers do not materialise, a new regional heat wave in Brabant is possible, yes.”

Heading towards a record

This month could even become the hottest August in Brabant since the start of the measurements. “We are certainly going that way,” Willemsen says. “We are a lot behind the year 2020, but this year now occupies place two in the ranking. The gap with 2020 is 1.4 degrees. But the end of August in 2020 was not very hot. So yes, it could be.”

For this to happen, the heat should continue early next week. “This is far from certain, but also not impossible. A prediction indicates that it is indeed possible.”

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

Source: Omroep Brabant

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