Better landing system in sight for Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport in low visibility Photo Credit:Studio 040/Alain Heeren

Eindhoven Airport has reached a provisional agreement with Eindhoven Air Base on the purchase of a better landing system on the runway. This allows planes to land even in dense fog.

At the moment bad weather or dense fog regularly create problems, such as delayed flights to or from Eindhoven Airport. Clearly there is a need at the airport to install a better system when renovating the runway.

The new system will provide extra lighting so that pilots can also see the runway in fog. The new system is to be installed in 2025.

Major maintenance

Eindhoven Airport uses the runway of Eindhoven Air Base. The airbase has planned major runway maintenance in 2025. The runway has to be broken open during that renovation anyway. Installing the landing system during that operation means that two birds are killed with one stone.

Category III

In addition to lighting on the runway, the landing system also consists of a radio navigation system. The airport currently has a category I landing system as per Instrument Landing System(ILS) . The new system will be category III, with category IIIB being the most extensive.

Currently, pilots need a minimum view of 550 meters on the runway in order to land.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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