All of Stratum donates to a new cargo bike to Linda

new cargo bike for Linda
Photo credit: Studio040

Linda from Stratum provides meals for poor people in the neighbourhood at her own expense. After her cargo bike was stolen, the neighbourhood started a collection.

She is seen a bit as the benefactress of the Stratum district. Every evening Linda delivers 25 meals to poor people in the neighbourhood. She does it for years with great satisfaction and pleasure. Now that her tricycle is stolen, the neighbourhood started a collection to help Linda on her way again.

“Now is the time to help your fellow man. Nobody should go hungry in this day and age. Certainly not in the Netherlands. I may not get the salary of a boss, but this gives me so much more satisfaction”, says Linda Schellings about her help to poor people in Eindhoven.

You can donate via this link.

Source: Studio040

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