Summa starts summer school with walks

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After a year of studying, the knowledge gained in a year can sometimes fade during the summer holidays. Summa College has come up with a solution. During the summer school students can keep up their knowledge while enjoying the nice weather.

The summer school is offered by Taalkracht, part of Summa College. “Last year some teachers came up with the idea to organise a summer school”, says team leader Maarten van Ham. “We had noticed that some of the students’ knowledge had slipped after the summer break.

Continue to learn during summer

And that is what the educational institution wants to respond to. During the summer holidays, an extensive range of courses is offered. The range of courses on offer has also grown following the success of the summer school last year. At the time, there were 13 workshops for 300 participants. Since then, the number has grown to 31 courses. “Our offer proved to meet a need,” says Van Ham. “A large proportion of the course participants followed several workshops. We concluded that it tastes like more.

Enthusiastic teachers

Last year’s experiment also went down well with the teachers of Taalkracht, so much so that more teachers signed up this year. “There have been many teachers who became enthusiastic about the programme. They volunteered to participate in the summer school. The take the holidays that they miss at another time”, says the spokesperson.

Summer atmosphere – walks

The courses on offer will therefore be given a summer makeover. “We want to stay in the summer atmosphere”, says a Summa spokesperson. “This means that going out is an integral part of the summer courses. This can vary from a tour through the supermarket to show newcomers how things work here, to a walk through Strijp-S or the Genneper Parks

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Translated by : Anitha Sevugan

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