Samen voor Nederland (together for the Netherlands) back protesting farmers and protest against Corona measures

Protest for farmers and against corona measures Photo credit: Studio040/Alain Heeren

Demonstrators gathered in a large group on Sunday in Eindhoven to show their support for farmers and their dissatisfaction with the Corona measures.

It was an initiative by Samen voor Nederland and started from Stadhuisplein. By noon, the square was filled with young and old protesters. They carried flags with texts such as ‘real citizens support farmers’, as well as flags bearing gravely insulting texts. The dissatisfaction among the crowd was not only because of the government’s treatment of farmers and the nitrogen policy. There were also people who expressed their aversion to “the media” and Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s corona policy. One of the best-known attendees was the foreman of Virus Truth, Willem Engel.

The protesters began their march through Eindhoven after they had been whipped up with music and speeches at the Stadhuisplein. The aim of the demonstration was to tell the government to stop bullying farmers and to end the Corona measures.


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