Local politicians happy with Dijsselbloem: ‘A candidate of Champions League stature ‘

Jeroen Dijsselbloem
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An administrative heavyweight, with knowledge of the city and someone who also wants to be there for the average citizen. Eindhoven council members are enthusiastic about the arrival of Jeroen Dijsselbloem as the new Mayor.

Both coalition and opposition parties are happy with the choice for Dijsselbloem, the former Minister who was officially nominated as the new Mayor in Eindhoven on Tuesday afternoon. “We have brought in a candidate of Champions League stature. A connector, with a lot of experience in taking tough decisions”, CDA (christian democrats) council member Linda Hofman says.


“It is a good choice. He will work with heart and soul for Eindhoven. And he wants to be there for all Eindhoven residents. Not just for the Brainport industry”, Jannie Visscher, of the SP (socialist party), says. Dre Rennenberg of the local Ouderen Appèl (ederly appeal) is also pleased. “This is really a heavyweight. He is the man to put Eindhoven on the map”.


With his extensive experience in The Hague and Brussels, Dijsselbloem is of great value to Eindhoven and its ambitions, the council members think. “His network is going to help with the leap in scale that Eindhoven wants to make”, Ruud van Acquoij, 50Plus council member and chairman of the trust committee, says. “He knows how to find the right people in The Hague to boost our level of facilities”, Hofman says. Rennenberg: “We receive proportionally less money than the four big cities. Jeroen can put that right with his network, I think”.


It is not just the administrative experience and network that was the deciding factor, Van Acquoij says. “He convinced us that he also connects with the man or woman in the street. He is a person between bigwig and community centre”. Other council members also have that confidence. Hofman: “He was born and raised in Eindhoven. He does give me the feeling that he cares about the city. He is not just becoming Mayor here for his career”.

The recommendation for the new Mayor goes to the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. He too must give his approval, but that is basically a formality. Dijsselbloem will be appointed for a period of six years.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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