Eindhoven Airport CEO: “Nuisance will last another 4 months”

Eindhoven airport Image credit: Studio 040

Eindhoven Airport expects that the crowds and extremely long waiting times at the airport will last another four months. “The nuisance will continue until the autumn break, at the end of October,” says director Roel Hellemons. “We have to be realistic.”

The airport has a major shortage of security personnel, which has not been solved in a few weeks, discloses the director to Financial Dagblad. For the time being, dozens of assistants are being deployed to inform travellers outside the terminal about the delays, reports Omroep Brabant.

According to Hellemons, you can normally go through security in fifteen minutes. Now it takes two to four hours, leading to stress among travellers. Last weekend, many holidaymakers missed their flights due to the staff shortage. Two out of every three flights have been delayed this month.

When the crisis is over, the management wants to invest 200 million euros in the terminal and in the construction of a third parking garage. An increase of 3200 parking spaces taking the total to 8700 is on the cards.

But at the moment, Eindhoven airport is third on the Bloomberg list of the worst airports in Europe after Brussels and Frankfurt. According to Bloomberg, the delays are at 67%, and cancellations are at 1.8%.

Source: Studio 040, Omroep brabant, Bloomberg.

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