Ouderen Appèl wants support for minima when income drops

Photo credit: Pixabay/ Studio040

‘Ouderen Appèl Eindhoven’ (elderly appeal Eindhoven, OAE) wants to know from the city council whether the municipality can help people with low incomes when a child living at home turns 18. At that moment, income sources such as the child budget (‘kind gebonden budget’) and child allowance (‘kinderbijslag’) are no longer available.

Ouderen Appèl asked these questions in response to an article in the Eindhovens Dagblad (Eindhoven daily newspaper). Besides the fact that certain government benefits cease when children reach the age of 18, there are also additional costs, such as health insurance and possibly school fees.

OAE wants to know from the college how many families in the school year 2021/22 had to deal with a drop in income due to a child living at home who turned 18. The group also wants to know whether the board checks how parents are informed of the drop in income.

Finally, Ouderen Appèl wants to know whether the municipality actively supports families in this situation, and how this is done. The group also thinks that young people should not give up studying because of the drop in income and wants to know what the board is doing to prevent that.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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