Games for Parkinson’s moved to next year

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The Parkinson’s Games in Eindhoven are cancelled this year. This would generally be held on the TU/e ​​sports grounds, the athletics stadium and the Parktheater.

Olympic for Parkinson’s

It is like the Olympics for people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Due to corona and the Ukraine war, the organization believes that there are too many financial risks in organising it this year.


Organizer Ruud Overes explains, “There are far fewer registrations in all areas. Many participants find it risky to come to Eindhoven for the games. Where we had about 120 applications from Italy earlier, now we are left with only fifteen people. The Ukraine war also plays a part. Forty Russians don’t come for logical reasons. There are many cancellations due to the war from Hungary which borders Ukraine. This is the case with Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic too”

Summer Holidays

There are many people who go on holiday again for the first time in a few years after “the corona period”. We needed a lot of volunteers to conduct the event. But many people have indicated that they would rather go on holiday again. In total only about 300 to 400 people or fewer will show up.”

Financial risk

As a result, it is too great a financial risk to continue with the event. “You have to see it as a kind of start-up. It would be the first time that the Parkinson’s Games have been organized by this organization. Although a similar event has previously been held in the Balkan countries. We wish to avoid a false start.”

Healthy lifestyle

The initiative is of great importance to people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. “There is currently no cure for the disease,” says Overes. “But a healthy lifestyle can help curb the symptoms. Then you are talking about sports, healthy nutrition, enough sleep and little stress. It is, therefore, a great pity that we lag in all Olympic Games-related events.”

Participating in the Olympics itself is not the only option. The Special Olympics are for people with intellectual disabilities. The Paralympic Games are for the physically challenged. The latter event should also include a section for people with Parkinson’s. But, it is not organized. So, we’ll organize it ourselves.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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