Students and seniors in conversation Music buddy project

Music buddy project, Pic credit : studio040

Students and elderly people met at the Park Theatre for the Music Buddies project. The initiative aims to combat loneliness in the elderly. For example, 77-year-old Hans Dijkstra and student Gijs Coumans engaged in conversation. ”We share many personal stories with each other,” said Dijkstra.

Marion Peters, employee of Club Goud Eindhoven, says: ”Sometimes it is very difficult for the elderly to make contact with other people. By organising this, we make sure they do get in touch. It is very nice to be able to do something for the elderly in Eindhoven.

Elderly people also contribute to the development of young people, thinks founder of Club Goud Moniek van Daal. ”The social skills of the young people also improve when they engage in conversation with someone they do not know yet.”

Music buddies

Dijkstra and student Coumans formed a duo together for the Music Buddies project. ”We did talk a lot about music at the beginning. Then we came to other topics,” says Coumans. Dijkstra adds, ”We share a lot of personal stories with each other, which is also really the essence of this initiative in my opinion.”

Unique formula

The project is organised by Club Goud. They carried out the initiative elsewhere in the Netherlands before, but this is the first time it is taking place in Eindhoven. We think it is a nice addition to the initiatives that are already being organised in Eindhoven. The combination with music is unique,” says Van Daal. ”We have learned a lot from previous editions in other cities. Especially the use of a start and end date is important. That makes it a lot clearer for the participants.”

Not enough yet

Although the project has now officially ended, Dijkstra and Coumans will continue the visits for a while. ”I have indicated at school that I will be visiting Hans until the end of the school year,” Gijs says with a smile on his face. Dijkstra looks forward to his visit: ”He is always welcome.”

Source : Studio040

Translated by : Anitha Sevugan

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